Home sweet home!
Home sweet home!

I'm back in Copenhagen. Unfortuneately i cought a cold and a fever. Besides from that it's good to be home. This last post is in english so all the people I met, also can read it.

It has been the best trip, even though i have been on and off homesick all 3 weeks. The wirdest thing! I was never homesick as a child, but i guess it has grown on me, as i got older. But the most importent thing is, that i saw a lot of great cities, and met a lot of great people. I don't know if I will see any of them again, but i sure learned a lot about myself. Eventhough I'm so shy, I'm so proud that I trew myself outthere anyways.

Berlin was the greatest. It is my all time favorite city in Europe, and anyone who hasn't been there, should get their ass going. Bruxelles was surely the strangest city. There are lot of great cafés nearby the Hôtel de Ville, but i blame my Lonely Planet for beeing a bad guide! I also loved Bordeaux and the feeling there. Very different from any other big city. So much more laid back. But I must learn more french. Manu you said you would teach me... Madrid was defenetly not my favorite, but i did meet a lot of great people there, and I wouldn't have missed that. Barcelona was however, a really great city. I guess i have a thing with cities near the sea. It gives me the feeling of freedom. However there was to little time in Barcelona, so I will be back sometime, to se the rest.

Thanks to Mette and Ronald for letting me stay with you in The Haague. It was great to see you both again. I'll be back!

Thanks to Jan, Michelle and the boys for letting me stay with you in Bruxelles. It was great to meet you, and to see your city. Hope to see you again sometime!

Merci to Manu for letting your place be my place, and to Bobby for beeing the best of all time tourguide. Je t'aime Bordeaux, and will defenetly be back!

Gracias to Jørgen and Faustina for letting me stay in Igea, Rioja. It was really great. Send me great riojawine, chorizo and ham por favor! I hope you have the best wedding ever.

To everyone I met at Cat's Hostel in Madrid, it was great meeting you all! Baker, if you ever come near Copenhagen, please come see me! And that goes for you too Roxy. And aussie, I'm sorry we lost contact. If you ever read this, please get back to me. You are supposed to show me Melbourne, remember?

To everyone I met in Barcelona, it was great meeting you too. Miss Greece, Miss America, Mr. Ireland (I owe you a beer), Mr. Mexico (hope you get transfered to a great city somewhere), Mr. Germany (a.k.a. fabulous cheeze, have a great time in Argentina), Mr. Brazil and Mr. Canada. Nick, Ryan and Frank Jones, it was great meeting you too. Please be carefull in Amsterdam- don't do anything that I wouldn't.

Now there's only left, to stay in bed, and get ready for work so I can put some money in the bank, for next time.

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