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Out and about

Dear diary.

After 2 days at Carolines mum, the sweetest lady, I'm now on the bus, on the way to Sydney. It's been very nice to just relax a little bit and see some of the countryside. We did a little bushwalk, and I got to see some wild kangaroos with joey's (babies), one little scared wallabie and loads of parrots in all sorts of colours. Even though I did spend some time at the beach, I didn't get to see any whales or dolphins, so I would have to come back there soon, while it's still season.

The best thing that's happend though: I've heard from Donna! Well, not Donna herself, but someone in charge of choosing photographers for the magazine. We've schedueled a meeting next week, so that means I have two very important meetings next week. If I'm gonna have a shot at finding some work down here, this is it. Please cross your fingers for me, and everything else, that can be crossed.

Otherwise nothing much. I'm on the bus, headed for Sydney. Tonight I'm meeting with Thor, whose apartment I used to rent in Copenhagen. He lives in Sydney now, and is gonna take me around town for a beer or two tonight. It's gonna be nice to speak some danish again. Even though it has hardly been 3 weeks since I left home, I'm starting to think in English too. Don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing.

Now it's sunday, in the hostel in Sydney. I'm very tired. Actually I have been tired almost ever since I left home. I'm starting do suspect that it is lack of exercise. I've got to find some good skatingspots soon. The thing is, that I'm still finding it quite dangerous to just walk around the streets, cince it's difficult to get used to the fact that they are driving in the wrong side of the road. Luckily I haven't been run over yet. The other thing is the lack of good biking paths. It would simply be to dangerous to skate along the road. But tomorrow I will take a tour along the harbour. I'm hopeing it would be a good place to skate.

Yesterday I was out with Thor. He took me to a nice sushi place and afterwards to a bar in the city at 48th floor. Great view over the city, but the cocktails were a bit expencive, so we went to the bar were Fred & Mary met, to get cheaper beer.

The hostel here in Sydney is in Glebe village. A nice and quiet neighbourhood, but it's up hill. Someone forgot to tell me that Sydney is a very hilly city. I had to climb a mountain almost as high as the Mount Everest to get to my hostel. With 35 kgs of baggage. I almost died on my way, so I had to take a cab the last bit.

Other than the appointment with Donna on wednesday I haven't planned anything i Sydney yet, but I'm concidering getting some surflessons. How else am I gonna meet that surfterdude?

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